There are many food & drink startup opportunities for the budding entrepeneur.  Bistros are tried and tested formats which bring pleasure and profit to the owner.


The location of your bistro is the most important key to getting a good customer basis. Your bistro should be located in a downtown area where people are constantly roaming around the streets window shopping. If you were to purchase a small store on the city limits, you greatly decrease your chances in getting a regular customer base. So before you take the best deal you see on the outskirts of town, take your chances and pay that extra dollar for an even better location.

Budget Budget Budget!

When you are just starting out with your new bistro, you need to set budgets on everything you do such as furniture, kitchen ware, decorations, building supplies and cleaning products. If you don't set any limits for yourself, there is a great possiblity that your bistro will go into debt within the first month of being open. So take your time to sit down, make a plan and set goals and budgets for yourself now and in the future.

Promoting Your Business

First comes first, hang the biggest sign you can find in the window stating when your bistro's opening day is. Also set a box out side of your door that is filled with a large amount of your menus for people to see what you are offering them. Another great way to promote you bistro is by using social media sites. This way all of your family and friends can help share your business's information and help get your name out there quicker than if you were doing it alone.


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