Starting Your Own Bistro?


Bistro Dinner for Couples

Bistros are an important habit for many business people. They are a place to grab a weekday cup of coffee or a quick breakfast. During lunch, they are the go-to place for diners that must be back at the office. There are always shoppers coming into the city from the suburbs for a day. They often stop at bistros for a late breakfast or lunch. They fill in the hours between meal crowds.

Many bistros in the heart of the city find they have plenty of customers during the day. Breakfast and lunch rushes are common at bistros that have good prices, simple food and fast service. Unfortunately, many bistros have found the dinner crowd to be elusive. Traffic during the week is sparse and non-existent on the weekends. Changing this trend takes work, but it is worth it.

Rather than trying to attract more single diners, couples should be the target for a bistro. Many business people work in the city, but they live in the suburbs. Offering them a chance to have a romantic dinner in the city means finding a way to attract their significant other to the restaurant. It takes a determined effort, but it can be done. Once the sun sets, put tablecloths on the tables. Dim the lights and light candles on every table. Offer a limited menu that will appeal to regular customers. This includes keeping prices low. Hire the best, most discreet and efficient servers available. Play soft music on the bistro's sound system.

Marketing to current customers is the best way to get started. Let them know how the bistro changes at night and provides a romantic atmosphere. Start a social media page if one isn't already done and let followers know about the romantic dining atmosphere offered as well as the new menu. Customers will begin to arrange for dinner with their significant other, and word of mouth will begin filling the bistro even on weekend evenings.