Starting Your Own Bistro?


How to Successfully Manage a Bistro

When you have made the decision to own and manage a bistro, you have also made the decision to care for hundreds of guests walking through your front door. What this means is, you need to have a staff team fully trained to do their job correctly, all the correct kitchen and dining room ware and of course an excellent menu choice. Without these three things it would be highly unlikely that any guest would choose to go to your bistro for a second trip all because of your lack of skills and equipment.

Training Your Staff

There are so many training videos on the market meant for bistro owners that it almost unreasonable not to purchase at least one. The videos focus on waitress positions, cashiers, chefs and even the manager position. By having your entire staff watch these videos, it will help them fully understand how to do their job properly and how their professional attitude impact the bistro's customers. Although a lot of the information is common sense, it is a great refresher video to watch for anyone needing a quick reminder on the life of a bistro employee.

Creating the Perfect Menu

When creating your bistro menu, you must keep in mind that customers like variety as well as changes. What this means is that alongside of your daily menu, you should create specialty items that you only put on the menu certain days of the weeks or even on holidays. Also on your menu you should have the following categories: appetizers, dinner specials, lunch specials, beverages, desserts and alcoholic beverages if your bistro as acquired it's alcohol license.

Having the Right Equipment

Purchasing the right type of kitchen equipment and dining room ware is critical to how well your bistro will run. Without the correct cooking ware you could easily find yourself falling behind on orders and having your customers walk out because of the slowness of the kitchen staff. When it comes down to the dining room you need to purchase furniture that is comfortable, different sized tables for families of all sizes and the proper dishes for different types of foods.